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Our Studio boasts a 7.1.4 Dolby Atmos Certified system
powered by L-Acoustics speakers

L-Acoustics KS21 Omni Cardio Subwoofer: Every speaker is bass managed into these two subwoofers and they also provide very powerful LFE. These two subwoofers work in tandem to actively manage low frequency room nodes.

Max SPL- 138 dBLow
Frequency Limit- 29Hz

L-Acosutics X8 Coaxial surround speakers: Every speaker is installed accurately within a quarter inch and the angles are aligned to the closest 5th degree of the specifications provided by Dolby.

Max SPL- 138 dB
Band Width- 60Hz-20Khz

The acoustic treatment is unique to our studio and is specifically designed for Dolby Atmos which provides a combination of absorption and diffusion. Custom acoustic design provided by Tim Gulsrud of Soundpost Acoustics.

We have worked closely with Dolby and L-Acoustics for over a year to turn this dream into a reality. MediaVine Productions provided system design consultation and installed the system with precision.

L-Acoustics 5XT Coaxial height speakers: These speakers are placed 13ft above ground. This height provides excellent distinction between the surround plane and overhead plane and a very wide overhead image of the audio.

Max SPL- 121 dB
Bandwidth- 95Hz-20KHz

Dolby engineer Jonathan Lessner tuned our space to the strict music and post production requirements set forth for Dolby Atmos. Blue Marble Sound is uniquely outfitted for the use of both Dolby Atmos and L-Acoustics L-ISA, allowing us to explore spatial possibilities in studio and live settings.

Our studio allows for artists and filmmakers to attend sessions in which they can actively engage with the mixing process. We aim to make each interaction a quality immersive experience!

Immerse yourself in a new world of music.

Software and other resources:

Pro Tools Ultimate
Plugin Alliance Mega Bundle
Ableton Live
UAD Spark
Logic Pro
FabFilter Total Bundle
Dolby Atmos Production Suite
Soundtoys Bundle
L-ISA Studio
iZotope Music Production Suite