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Dive into spatial audio and experience your music like never before.

outfitted for use of both Dolby Atmos and L-Acoustics L-ISA

 The main sound mixing room with surrounding speakers at Blue Marble Studio in Loveland, Colorado

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Our Story

What merely started as curiosity fueled research, after two years of hard work, has become Blue Marble Sound. In September 2020, Amol Kitwadkar watched an episode of a pandemic era series hosted by Indian music maestro, A.R. Rahman. In the episode Rahman discussed his upcoming film “99 Songs'' with another musician. He shared that he had composed the score and the music of “99 songs” with Dolby Atmos in mind. A world-renowned musician of Rahman’s caliber envisioning his work in Dolby, inspired Amol to pursue spatial audio, only to realize that it was not a resource that existed yet in Colorado! Realizing its potential, Amol founded Blue Marble Sound to be on the frontier of audio and to exist as a resource for the growing music industry in Colorado.


Mixing and Mastering in Dolby Atmos, Stereo, Binaural, and other Spatial Audio Formats.
Upmixing from Stereo to Dolby Atmos
Composition and Production in Spatial Audio
Consultation and production services in Immersive Audio Format.
Post Production Services for Film and TV
Immersive listening experiences and parties